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When was night vision invented and by who?

The night vision technology seems like a modern time thing. Nevertheless people should realize that night vision devices are actually things of the past than they think of. In addition, they should also know that they didn’t originate from America, like most people believe. As a matter of fact, the real inventor might surprise some […]

Is Night Vision or Thermal Imaging Right For Me?

Determining whether night vision or thermal imaging is appropriate for you can be a very troubling issue. This is mainly due to the fact there are some similar uses for thermal imagers and night vision devices. Although you will probably their uses similar, there are some factors that you should consider in order to determine […]

Best Night Vision Scope Attachments

Most shooters and hunters use NV enhancements. Like the term suggests, enhancements allow them to shoot or hunt effectively in the low light situations or at night. Owners of firearms usually select between complete NV scopes and clip-on or mountable NV optics. One problem with NV scopes is the fact that they replaces the firearm’s […]

Are tritium night sights safe?

Night sights are mostly tritium installed in the rear and front sights. Tritium is the radioactive Hydrogen isotope. The vials of tritium gives off a radiant and soft glow. Most people wonder whether tritium sights can inflict any damage to the human health. In this article, we’ll try to look if the tritium sights are […]