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Best Night Vision Scope Attachments

Most shooters and hunters use NV enhancements. Like the term suggests, enhancements allow them to shoot or hunt effectively in the low light situations or at night. Owners of firearms usually select between complete NV scopes and clip-on or mountable NV optics.

One problem with NV scopes is the fact that they replaces the firearm’s standard scope completely. Therefore, you’ve to essentially switch between a daytime scope and night vision scope. This is mainly due to the fact that NV scopes cannot be used in daylight. Additionally, you must zero-in a Night vision or daytime scope each time you’ve mounted any of them on the firearm. Most owners of firearms consider this to be completely an inconvenience.

Luckily, night vision scope attachments are the other possible solution to this problem. These attachments basically sits at the rear or in front of a standard firearm scope. For example, when you’re using the rifle, you don’t need to remove its standard riflescope when mounting the NV scope thus providing sheer convenience. Additionally, the NV scope attachment does not affect the scope’s zero.
There are various NV scopes attachments on the market today and choosing the appropriate for you might be a troubling task. To simplify things for you, we’ve highlighted the best 3 NV scope attachments on the market today.

Armasight CO-LR3 Long Range Alpha MG Clip-On Systems

Armasight Company is among the top manufacturers of the night vision devices and products. It’s known to produce amazing night vision scope attachments and scopes, such as thus Alpha MG CO-LR-3 NV scope attachment. This scope attachment mounts easily infront of almost all daytime scopes. After mounting this scope attachment, you won’t have to zero your scope again since it won’t be affected. This scope attachment’s design features the fast release mount that enables you to dismount or mount your scope

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