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  2. Ammo prices are about as volatile as gas prices these days with wide sweeping changes in prices overnight. When you find those killer deals that have you wanting to buy 1,000 rounds for a fraction of the cost you usually pay, you'll want to stockpile as much as you can of it. The better conditions you store your ammo in, the longer it will last. Granted in the digital age, deals like those come and go with the breeze, but one thing you can never be sure of is ammo supply overall. Not to long ago there was such a shortage of .22 ammo it was almost 5x its normal price and you still wouldn't be able to find it anywhere! So when you decide to stock up on ammo, you'll want to make sure you can keep that ammo safe and usable for when the time comes. Tip Numero Uno: Avoid Extreme Temperatures Keeping your ammo away from extreme temperatures until its time to use it is essential to it having a long shelf life. While ammo is designed to be used in just about any environment reliably it should not be stored in those harsh conditions. You can expect to get at least 10 years shelf life out of even the most mediocre of ammo brands. One area to be particularly concerned with as summer rolls around is storing your ammo in your vehicle. High heat has been shown to rapidly degrade the ammunition. Tip #2: Keep it Dry I am fairly certain I do not need to elaborate on this, but keeping your ammo dry is essential to it going bang when you need it to. The lower the humidity the better you will be in the long run with ammo storage. Humidity causes the corrosion to the brass casing, which can lead to failures pretty quick, which can be dangerous. After recently asking in the community, some members recommended storing the ammo in their original cardboard boxes to help suck up some of that moisture from the air. Not a bad tip at all. Tip #3: Keep The Air Out My final tip for properly storing your ammo is to keep the air out completely. We have all seen those air tight spam cans that look 50 years old, and you crack it open to find everything as good as new. Load a few rounds up and it still goes bang every single time. This is because those air tight containers also keep the moisture out! One of the leading causes of failure in ammo is when it starts to get old, chemicals are breaking down. Using these tips will help preserve that chemical mixture and allow your ammo to be usable for decades!
  3. Gun Show Advertising?

    Do you have anything we can maybe place at a local gun show for people to see? Like a flyer or something we could print and leave at the entrance or pass around to people? I've joined a few sites the last couple weeks and so far I really like the community feeling here versus the mumbo jumbo of just social media sites. I'd really like to help this place take off and become something great for Ohioans.
  4. How Much Ammo Do You Stockpile?

    Just wondering how much ammo everyone stockpiles for the favorite calibers? I currently try to keep about 5000 rounds of .223/5.56, 5000 9mm rounds, 2500 .45ACP rounds and 200 rounds of .500 laying around. I really need to get that .500 stockpile built up more but its just so expensive. Not all stockpile ammo is practice grade. I'd probably say 2/3rds of it is just for shooting and about 1/3rd would be considered self defense, shit hits the fan good quality stuff But if that ever happens, anything will be good enough I also have about 40 lbs. of tannerite in 1lb to 5lb containers at any given time, and some various other goodies.