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    <p>I am a former Captain in the US Army Infantry and owner/lead instructor of Tactical Skills Development, LLC.  While in the Army I was fortunate enough to deploy as a Rifle Platoon Leader to Iraq in support of OIF 08-09 with the 1-505PIR, 3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV.  Graduate of Ranger School, Airborne School, Air Assault School, and Army Mountain Warfare School among others.  Upon separation from active duty service I worked as a defense contractor for the US Government conducting Executive Protection operations in Middle East high threat areas.</p><p>I have been a member of USPSA for 10 years and currently hold a Master Class ranking in Production Division.  Also an NRA Basic Pistol instructor, NROI Certified Range Officer, and custom kydex holster maker.</p>
  1. TSD Training Tips!

    Sorry for not having a new video in a while.....in school for my EMT and no time for much else! More to come in the next few weeks!!
  2. A new toy

    Impressive additions to the collection!! Love the 1903 Colt SAA!
  3. Best available self defense ammo for revolvers

    You can't rely on walls to stop bullets. While it would likely slow the bullet down significantly, anything for .380 and up will likely penetrate. Best option to avoid wall penetration is to ensure quality, and accurate, hits on target. Even then, there is always a chance of a thru & thru shot and still going through a wall. I support the above opinions. .357mag gives you the ability to run .38spcl which gives you way more options.
  4. Thoughts on changing ammo during different seasons

    I have to support that one as well. I run 135gr all year round.
  5. But....but....those braided belts my mom made me wear to church when I was 12 are just so awesome!!
  6. [Article] - Help Us Grow OHGO Even Bigger!

    You know I'm in.
  7. The tax stamp would be specific to the suppressor. They run on serial number. You could put it on whatever gun you wanted. I have a SilencerCo Specwar 556K with the quick attach mounting system on 3 of my AR's so I can swap between them when necessary. 1 suppressor = 1 tax stamp.
  8. It's all about the belt. I use ones made by The Beltman that I ordered through Gunner's Alley. Good reinforced gun belt makes all the difference in the world.
  9. Shooting Sports

    Your best bet would be to visit USPSA.org and use their match finder. Enjoy and good shooting!
  10. Tactical Skills Development, LLC

    We were fortunate this weekend to have a retired Law Enforcement Officer in our Handgun Level 1 class this past weekend. This individual spent 31years on the job, much of that time as a member of his department's tactical team. He sent us these kind words regarding his experience: "Chris & Nick, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for allowing me to participate in your recent Handgun Level 1 course. As a retired law enforcement officer, I have had the opportunity to attend numerous tactical and firearms related courses over the years so it was with a bit of apprehension when I signed up to attend your course. To say I was pleasantly surprised by not only the course content, but the attention to details and techniques would be a major understatement. Your instructions goes above and beyond helping beginners and experienced shooters become better, more proficient firearms practitioners. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, new or seasoned like myself, if they want to not only obtain their CCW permit but become more comfortable with their firearm and a better shooter - Name Withheld" Thank you Sir, and thank you for your many years of service to the people of this great state and those of your city. Stay Safe. If you want to find out for yourself more about Handgun Level 1, Handgun Level 2, Defensive Shooting Skills, or EDC Trauma, please visit our website at www.tacticalskillsdev.com or contact us via email, phone, or facebook. Get Trained. Have a Plan. Stay Safe
  11. Hinderer custom awesomeness!

    They may not be cheap, but nothing of this quality is. You'd have a hard time finding a better knife. They are well designed and built for serious use.
  12. Hinderer custom awesomeness!

    Met up with Rick Hinderer this past weekend during a partner tactics class. I had the opportunity to take a look at a couple of his latest knives. My new MP-1 should be in the mail on it's way today! I'll add some pictures as soon as it arrives!
  13. New to this

    Welcome! Good luck getting the scratch together for your first handgun! I know sometimes it can be difficult. I know it's not often a priority, but if you're new to handguns or firearms I HIGHLY recommend you seek out some quality training. Having the gun is good, having it and knowing how to effectively use it is better! Hope you visit here often!
  14. Are gerber blades any good?

    I had a Gerber for few years that overall was a pretty good knife. They are the lower end of the spectrum, but they will work. I would suggest looking at some of the Hinderer design Kershaw knives. Still relatively inexpensive, excellent designs, and don't cost an arm and a leg like an actual Hinderer. I would suggest Benchmade as another excellent option. But again, Gerbers are not bad knives for what they are.
  15. recommendations

    I have to agree with T.L. Jones on this one. Again, the G19 is a great size to allow for pretty good concealibility and still give you "plenty of gun" for home defense. While T.L. and I share slightly differing opinions on the .380acp for concealed carry, I totally agree with him that for home defense there is not a great reason to shoot .380 unless you can't manage the recoil of a 9mm, as keeping it concealed isn't of concern. Get something that fits your hand, get something you shoot well, and a size that fits your needs. My choices are G19, G43, G42. Never been a fan of the G26, mostly because if I can carry it I can carry my 19.