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  1. Cool video my friend! Where are you from?
  2. Tyr triggers for Glocks

    Anyone use or have experience with these triggers for Glocks? Ive only ever heard great things about them so I'm a little dubious surely someones had to have had a little more mixed review or perhaps experience with other trigger systems.
  3. Any doomsday preppers in here?

    Anybody a prepper here in Ohio? I'm looking for some serious advice for long term survival type situations, like what to stock pile, gear, stuff that would not only make surviving possible, but maybe even a little comfortable.
  4. Hi

    Hello gents how are you.
  5. Is it legal to carry in to a post office that doesn't have the official no carry signage posted?
  6. Best self defense 10mm ammo

    Just picked up a nice lil glock in 10mm met the guy right before work. wondering what's the best 10mm self defense ammo. Never owned one before so looking for input
  7. Ar15 pistol - community build

    Are you talking like we give a parts list, then you buy it and put it together? Are you just trying to do a complete lower, and a complete upper and going from there, or are you looking to break it down further and build a really bottom up type of build? Also what type of budget are we talking?
  8. Anyone have some knowledge after carrying concealed for a while that wasn't taught in your CCW class you wish was? Such as maybe a little holster demonstrations, recommendations for CCW friendly guns, how to safely carry in different situations such as cars, summer time, winter time, etc?
  9. Anyone keeping an eye on the news? At least 6 different officer involved shootings in the last 48 hours where they were the targets! This has to stop!
  10. Which one from Alabama Holster are you using? I am checking them out now may need to pick one up myself to try since I dont believe in pocket carry without protection.
  11. Anyone subscribe to the some of the conspiracy theories that the American Government is a constant lie and is ran by shadow organizations? I'd be interested in hearing what other conspiracy theories you have had time to research and believe in. Right now I'm looking in to the HAARP Project going on up in Alaska which is really interesting and isn't covered by the media or other sites very often. here is a good video to check out on HAARP if youre interested in it. [media] [/media]
  12. I want to build a SBR and put a silencer on it. Do I need to obtain a tax stamp for both the SBR and the silencer or will one work for both? Also what if I want to increase my collection later, would I need to get more tax stamps for the items? Also, is it possible to build a full auto weapon? Or are those explicitly outlawed. thanks for the help
  13. Training and being prepared is essential to carrying a concealed weapon. When milliseconds absolutely make the difference between life and death knowing what to do, how to do it, and executing it are the only way to overcome the threat. Even if you have a CCW, learning to assess the situation rapidly and make the best decision can save yours or others lives, even if that simply means feeling and/or taking cover. There is no shame in living to fight another day from behind or under a table. Always have a plan to go with your training! Absolutely fantastic articl
  14. Is facebook allowing gun sales again?

    There is no way FB is allowing gun sales ever again. Not on FB, not on IG, not on anything they own, ever. I've found good deals here, and some other places. I'd recommend sticking to independant sites for no on. I'm avoid MeWe because its the same crap there eventually. The liberal bias will creep in there as they grow and it will get shut down. I'd rather be an established seller here. And other gun sites don't seem to be doing nearly as well like UGG or I can't even remember the name of that other one Gun District I think it was. Long story short, just help the small guys out like this site, visit often, post some, and help them grow. Its our best shot at freedom.
  15. Anyone know a good resource for old firearms? I have a few my grandfather left behind and would like to know the value of them.