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[Article] - How To Fly With A Firearm & Ammo

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David    27


When you travel it can be one of the most vulnerable times for you and your family. You will be in a strange place and probably will not know your surroundings well. These can lead to you ending up in "bad neighborhoods" where crime could be rampant, or your chances for victimization will greatly increase. I've recently had the pleasure of traveling with a firearm and so far every time the process has been pretty easy and straight forward. I've only traveled with Southwest Airlines but the process should be similar for other carriers.


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~ZENAS~    78

My advice is use a combination lock only. Never give access to your lock to anyone, not even TSA. The best way to do this is a combination that only you know and if TSA asks to get in your case then YOU open it. A key is too often lost and even TSA agents will try to get you to hand them your key. If there is no key then this doesn't happen. 


My other piece of advice is to use those lock boxes that come with a cable. That way you can loop the cable through the rails on the inside of your luggage so the gun is secured to the suitcase and can't be removed without unlocking it. 

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