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OHGO 2017 Summer Updates

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David    27

Hey everyone! As we constantly work toward making this place the best community for Ohio Gun Owners on the internet, we have some new features coming and some that are here right now. If you have ideas for new features, or think something sucks be sure to let me know, its really the only way I can make this place better is from everyone's feedback.

1. New way to view the community: A lot of members like the traditional "forum" feel, but a lot of members also like something a little more modern and with less clicks. You can now choose between the two! On the Community Homepage there will be three little icons that let you choose how you feel the community should be viewed.


2. Even the calendar gets some love: Though our community calendar is lightly used it got a little update also. Now instead of typing your event addresses in every single time you can create and save venues. Right below the venues you'll also notice you can attach a gallery. Upload pics of your previous events and then simply attach them to the calendar event and users will be able to see what is going on!


3. CLUBS! - Coming extremely soon! - Coming very shortly users will be able to create "Clubs" much like the group feature from other social media sites. These clubs can be attached to particular geographic locations in Ohio (and even worldwide) and within each "Club" you can have a discussion forum, classifieds, images, and more. Soon as this feature is 100% complete, I'll be posting more about it!


4. Post reactions NO MORE BINARY SYSTEMS! - At OHGO we take inclusion very seriously so we've decided to get rid of the binary up/down vote system and include a bunch of colorful reactions now. You can be happy, thankful, confused, pissed off, and more with the simple click of a mouse to display your feelings.Check the bottom right corner of every post and you'll be able to do magic!


As you can probably tell our theme changed slightly yet again. This is to support the new features that are coming and to increase support for mobile devices. I'll be working in the coming days to restore it to how it was looking before this update while keeping all the new features working.

If you notice something broke or not working let me know.


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TheThirdDon    5

When will we have some more info on the clubs? I'm going to move my MeWe group here. Thanks for implementing that. 

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David    27
2 hours ago, TheThirdDon said:

When will we have some more info on the clubs? I'm going to move my MeWe group here. Thanks for implementing that. 


Hopefully its better than MeWe groups. MeWe has/had a huge problem of 1) They censor gun groups from searches. 2) If an admin of the group becomes inactive, there is no way for anyone to take over the group. I haven't been on MeWe in a while, so its possible some of these things are fixed.

Basically the clubs here will be the equivalent to a group. Any member who is considered a "Supporters" will be able to create their own groups starting out (Though this restriction may lessen over time, but its pretty simple to get the supporter title so maybe not). As you can see in that screenshot you'll be able to name your own group, set a group icon, and header photo, and even set a location to it.

Once your an club admin you'll be able to invite members (at first it will just be OHGO Members, later it will be email address you know too). You'll be able to enable/disable certain modules of the group. Such as its own mini discussion forum, classifieds, calendar, gallery and other things to. Clubs will be able to be private, public, open and closed, and each club admin will have full control of who comes and goes from the club.

Thats the jist of it. If you have any specific questions just let me know.

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