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  • Constitutional Carry Bill Makes its Way to Ohio Legislature


    Ohio could become the 13th state to allow for constitutional carry if a bill proposed by State Rep Ron Hood (R-Ashville) passes. Representative Hood introduced House Bill 387 in the Ohio Legislature with the hopes that you will no longer have to beg for government permission to carry a firearm for self defense.

    The bill wouldn't require any fee being paid to the government for you to exercise your right first, joining Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming. You won't need a government forced permit to carry a firearm either.

    Most violent criminals are already following constitutional guidelines but the average person who obeys the law can not. This bill would level the playing field and let any able minded and bodied person who so wishes to carry a firearm for self defense purposes.

    This graphic below shows a timeline of the states moving from not issuing gun permits in 1986, to may issue, then shall issue, and finally constitutional carry. If it follows the trends of the other stages it could be a good 15-20 years before this sweeps across the country and our gun rights are restored to where they should be.


    The second amendment is clear that the people have a right to bear arms for whatever purpose they deem necessary. It has been upheld in the Supreme Court as such and is the law of the land. We do not need permits to exercise our other rights so it shouldn't be needed to exercise our right to carry either.

    Other Pro-Gun Legislation On The Way

    Not only is Ohio moving toward constitutional carry, we are also looking to loosen the restrictions on laws already in place. House Bill 201 aims to remove the duty to notify law enforcement that you are carrying a concealed firearm. and House Bill 99 known as the "Second Amendment Protection Act" prohibits any enforcement of any future federal, or state firearms registrations, or firearm ban statute, ordinance, resolution or rule. Basically they'll never be able to take our guns!


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    What about states that accept Ohio as a reciprocity for their own CCW? Would I need additional training if I let my CCW lapse after this passes to continue to be able to carry in other states? Does anyone know?

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    There are two other important bills in the Ohio Legislature that should also be followed. One is the "duty to inform" bill that would remove the requirement that a CCW license holder inform an officer that he is carrying a gun. And the other is a bill to remove the "duty to retreat" element of armed self-defense (or what many call "stand your ground"). This bill is still in the early stages where its supporters are circulating it to get co-sponsors, but it will most certainly be introduced soon. The "duty to inform" bill is already being argued in committee this week.

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