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    Heading in to this weekend Donald Trumps poll numbers are tanking, and fast. His recent revelations on how he feels about women, and general loaded rhetoric is starting to wear thin on voters. Trump has slumped to 7 points lower than Clinton in the recent polls, and those are ones from Republican leaning Fox News.
    Trump Supports The Second Amendment
    The Donald is on the record stating his support for the second amendment, while lambasting Crooked Hillary on her hypocrisy of having armed guards to her at all times. Trump believes guns save lives, and there should be no limit on gun sales of any kind in America. When asked if he thought there are any circumstances that you think we should be limiting gun sales of any kind in America he replied with:
    Source: Fox Business 2016 Republican 2-tier debate , Jan 14, 2016
    Crooked Hillary Will Destroy Our Rights
    Its no secret that Crooked Hillary will destroy our constitutional rights. Not only will she strip away our rights by using Executive Orders she'll have us willingly handing over our weapons to her regime. At a recent fund raising event close Clinton supporters and mega-donors who have paid for access to Clinton gave us a sneak peak of her plans with regards to the second amendment.
    Source: Clinton friend and mega donor Amy Rao during a fundraiser.

    Buying used or even new firearms through private parties is a growing trend. With millions in transactions every year that take place its a good idea to keep yourself as safe as possible. We've talked to experts, and private sellers and buyers and collected their five best tips to keep you safe during a firearm transaction.
    Meet in a familiar public place - We understand sometimes you have to drive to get a deal done, but always try to meet someplace you are familiar with. Just in case you aren't, showing up 10-15 minutes early never hurt anyone. Get a good layout of the exit points in case things go south and always meet during daylight hours. Do not meet at your home - As tempting as it is to save time, and be convenient, inviting strangers to your home is generally a bad idea. Even if there is an understanding everyone is probably armed a safe neutral location is always best. Tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting - If something does happen at least someone will have a general idea of who did it and where at. An even better idea is taking someone along with you that can help if a bad situation arrises. Trust your instincts - If that sixth sense kicks in and you start to get a tingling feeling, go with your gut. You can never be to safe and if it means missing out on a deal, then so be it. Be extremely cautious buying and selling high value firearms - Big ticket items often attract the worst of the worst trying to make an easy buck. If what you're selling is worth a lot, meeting once before the transaction won't hurt things, and will put everyone's nerves at rest. With violent crime happening all over the USA, we want to make sure our members stay safe when dealing with others. If you aren't already you can register for free at our site and start taking advantage of the great membership benefits today.

    Just more of the common place reprehensible, unconstitutional garbage from the Obama administration you'd expect. A report from earlier this month has shown that the ATF/BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) is storing information about gun owners. The ATF is the government arm in charge of licensing gun dealers to be able to sell firearms. Every time a customer purchases a firearm from a FFL they are required to fill a form out. This form has personally identifiable information on it such as name, address and SSN. The US Government was never, ever, under any circumstance supposed to keep or store this information about gun owners. A recent report seems to indicate that this is not the case! The ATF and the US Government under President Barrack Obama continue to trample on our rights and show their complete disregard for the US Constitution. The Government Accountability Office has released a report showing that the government is indeed collecting this information. You can view the report in its entirety right here. The report is just another damning notch on the governments record regarding our rights under the Supreme Leader Obama. In part the audit reads
    "Of the 4 data systems, 2 fully comply and 2 did not always comply with the appropriations act restriction prohibiting consolidation or centralization of FFL records. ATF addressed these compliance issues during the course of GAO's review. ATF also does not consistently adhere to its policies. Specifically: OBRIS complies with the restriction and adheres to policy. A2K for in-business FFL records complies with the restriction. A2K for out-of-business FFL records did not comply with the restriction because ATF maintained these data on a single server at ATF. Thus, ATF deleted the records in March 2016. In addition, ATF policy does not specify how, if at all, FFLs may use A2K records to meet out-of-business record submission requirements. Such guidance would help ensure they submit such records. FRNP generally complies with the restriction. However, a 2007 through 2009 program using FRNP did not comply. ATF cancelled this program in 2009 and deleted the related data in March 2016. Also, a technical defect allows ATF agents to access FRNP data—including purchaser data—beyond what ATF policy permits. Aligning system capability with ATF policy would ensure that firearms purchaser data are only provided to those with a need to know. MS complies with the restriction, but ATF inconsistently adheres to its policy when deleting MS records. Specifically, until May 2016, MS contained over 10,000 names that were not consistently deleted within the required 2 years. Aligning the MS deletion policy with the timing of deletions could help ATF maintain only useful MS purchaser data and safeguard privacy." Now there are some Obama sympathizers among us that think this may just be an oversight, but you should know the Director of the ATF is on the record stating he wants to see more information collected about gun owners! From CBS Morning News Yet, Brandon says, not having the database hurts. Indeed, after the San Bernardino shootings, it took 12 hours to find out who owned the guns used in the attack. He says a computer database would have helped, and adds that not having one simply doesn't make sense.
    "There's a lot of things that don't make sense in this town, you know?" Brandon tells Schlesinger. "And, so, yeah, would it be efficient and effective? Absolutely. Would the taxpayers benefit with public safety? Absolutely. Are we allowed to do it? No." Once again the government is using the guise of safety and protection (something they fail to provide to its citizens daily where its needed) to strip away the rights of millions of law abiding American citizens. Just remember all this come November. Your vote can make a difference and it can save our second amendment rights from being abolished! Fox News report on this matter: Report: ATF illegally stockpiling information on gun owners

    Getting your FFL from the ATF is easier than you may think. With the way things are going with gun rights, and could potentially be headed in this country now maybe a great time to pick up your FFL so you still have a viable way of obtaining firearms. As an added bonus you'll be able to make some money on the side probably, and even better you'll get dealer pricing for a lot of things you'd normally be stuck paying retail or more for.
    The first thing you need to do is download the proper forms from the ATF website. The ATF Form 7 is what you'll need and it can be downloaded for free directly from the ATF website, or simply click here. Once you have downloaded the form you'll need a program like Adobe Acrobat reader to view it, or simply print a few copies out in case you make a mistake or three.
    To get your FFL you'll need to meet many of the same requirements you would if you were to purchase a firearm. Be 21, sound mental health, no domestic violence, etc etc. Understand with the FFL you will not be permitted to carry a gun (that's what the Ohio CHL is for). You will also not be able to use the license strictly for 100% personal use.
    Buying and selling firearms for family is considered personal use, you will need some clients outside of your circle. Your place of business must exist and you must be permitted to sell guns from this location according to federal, state and local laws. If you do not have this, your application will automatically be disqualified and denied.
    After you've obtained the form, and understand what its for and where you will use the license, it is now time to get fingerprinted. You must go to your local law enforcement center and obtain a copy of your fingerprints. Make sure the agency is using the correct fingerprint form, the FD-258. You will then need a passport size color photo of your face, taken recently. Once submitted you will need to send in the correct amount of payment. $30 for collectors (Form ATF-7CR), manufactures and importers pay $150, Pawnbrokers and dealers of firearms pay $200 and Manufacturers, importers, and dealers of destructive devices pay a whopping $3,000.
    Drop your payment and application in the mail and sit back and wait. After you submit your FFL application to the ATF you will need to submit a copy to your local Chief Law Enforcement Office, try the Sheriff or Chief of Police. After this the ATF will send an agent out to your location to inspect the business. It needs to meet all the standards of the ATF, and you will need to be able to keep accurate, immaculate records for 20+ years of all transactions.
    Remember the ATF can inspect your business during anytime of your listed hours.
    That is how you get your FFL. There are some other tips and tricks I can share with you about the process as I just recently finished it about 8 months ago just to try it out. So if anyone needs help or advice let me know. I will try my best to help answer your questions.

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