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    The newest gun rights law in Ohio has officially went in to effect this week. It allows employees to bring guns on to company parking lots and licensed Ohioans to carry concealed firearms in more places as well.
    Many businesses prevented employees from coming to work with their firearm (even if legally allowed to do so) and leaving it in their vehicles, but with the most recent change those employees now have the full protection of the law. Employees can now bring their firearms to work, while leaving them secured in their personal vehicles.
    Employers can still choose to prohibit guns from entering their facilities if they so wish.
    But that wasn't the only major change to gun laws in Ohio this week. With further expansion of gun owners rights included in the same bill are:
    Store their guns in the car while in a school zone Carry in non-secure areas of airports, such as baggage claim. Carry inside daycare centers and home day cares, unless the facilities post a sign prohibiting guns. Colleges and universities across the state can now allow some people or everyone to carry guns on their campuses. One other notable change pertains to active duty military members who wish to carry a concealed firearm. The law no waives the concealed handgun license education and registration requirements for active duty military members with valid military ID and documentation of successful completion of firearms training.
    Ohio continued to lead the nation in progun legislation for its residents. Since starting to issue licenses since 2004, more than 500,000 residents have active CCW licenses.

    Now that Donald Trump has claimed the Presidency his work on restoring gun rights that have been eroded over the years will be in full swing. Come January 20th when he gets sworn in President Trump will be looking to make changes to our current gun regulations. The first thing you can look forward to is removing regulations placed on sporting rifles and magazine capacities. Trump recently went on the record and had this to say:
    Trump views concealed carry rights like a drivers license, if we can have one state issue a drivers license and all other states recognize that right then the same should apply for concealed carry permits.
    Once Trump gets national concealed carry through, you can expect him to follow suit with removing these arbitrary bans that cities and some states have set on gun ownership and magazine capacity. Once Trump has restored our gun rights to being inalienable once again he'll have fulfilled one of his biggest and earliest promises that helped propel him to the Presidents office replacing Obama.

    Ohio is a fairly gun friendly state. We have shall issue CCW permits with a little bit of training, one of the best reciprocity agreements around, and open carry is not only legal but goes on with little harassment from law enforcement. But those rights are always under threat and there is some pending law changes that could effect Ohio citizens gun rights.  Sites like this one that let us openly and freely buy, sell and trade firearms in Ohio, but those rights could be going away soon.
    Ohio Gun Control Bills to Watch
    House Bill 78 - Which strips our current rights of legally selling, trading and buying handguns without going through a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL dealer). Section 2923.26 if enacted would prohibit any transfer of a firearm from a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer to a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer unless the firearm is transferred through a federally licensed firearms dealer, through a state or local law enforcement agency, or pursuant to a specified exception; to require that background checks be conducted when a firearms is transferred through a federally licensed firearms dealer or through a state or local law enforcement agency; and to provide for recordkeeping with respect to information obtained pursuant to such a background check.
    House Bill 75 - Government over reach is a constant threat on our freedoms (not just as gun owners) as they slowly creep in to our lives with more and more laws and regulations for us to follow. Section 2923.191 is no different and wants to enact penalities for individuals who law enforcement arbitrarily determines has stored a gun improperly. The law seeks to prohibit any person from storing or leaving a firearm in the person's residence unless the firearm is secured in safe storage or rendered inoperable by a tamper-resistant lock or other safety device if the person knows or reasonably should know that a minor is able to gain access to the firearm and to provide criminal penalities if a minor gains unauthorized access to a firearm not so stored or rendered inoperable.
    Why You Should Care
    Before enacting laws law makers should consider whether a problem exists, and if a law can solve it. These gun bills are based largely around several gun myths and would have no real effect in solving any problems. For example the safe storage laws are proven ineffective at curbing gun violence.  In fact such a gun law is often prohibitive in its usage making it impossible for individuals to defend themselves against home intruders like in Merced California where a intruder stabbed three children to death because the oldest couldn't use the gun he was trained to use because of the safe storage law.
    We already know that the overwhelming majority of gun owners go through a background check to purchase their handguns and a very small percentage of gun owners use private party sales as a means of acquiring a firearm. This current trend of needing to seek government approval for all facets of life needs to stop before it encroaches on anymore of our rights. 

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