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  • Ohio Gun Owners covers topics from self defense training, concealed carry information, to purchasing your first gun and everything in between!

    Keeping yourself safe is ultimately your responsibility and its something that most of us don't consider enough. Violence is a fact of life, it can happen any where at any time to anyone (that includes you). Sometimes your attacker could be larger than you, or faster, and almost always they'll strike first. Situational awareness is your best friend, but its hard to be on guard all the time. That is why its important you prepare yourself for some of the most common violent situations you are likely to encounter.
    The Best Self Defense Tactic...
    Is prevention. You can limit your exposure to potentially violent situations and victimization by being aware of your surroundings. Most attackers are looking for unsuspecting, and vulnerable targets. Stay in well lit areas is one of the biggest deterrents to an attacker and makes exposing them easier. Other things you can do includes having your keys ready to go when you reach your vehicle, taking different routes home and being prepared to verbally diffuse the situation.
    Remember sometimes its cheaper/easier/safer to hand over whatever the criminal wants, especially if they already have the drop on you. Nothing you own is worth more than your life or health, nothing.
    But its important you are prepared to defend yourself if need be. You'll want to be able to fight back effectively to keep yourself safe, and I've listed a few techniques that should help keep you safe.
    Know The Effective Body Parts To Hit
    There is no such thing as a fair fight, and don't be afraid to do what is necessary to live another day. The human body contains points that when struck are more sensitive than other areas and produce a wide range of effects on the senses. Always remember Eyes, Ears, Throat, Nose and Nuts. Striking in those areas can turn the tables in your favor fast, especially if your attacker has a size advantage over you. You'll be able to inflict maximum damage with minimal effort by striking, grabbing, pulling or twisting those areas.
    Use the hardest parts of your body to maximize damage
    Your elbows, knees, head and palm can inflict tons of damage rapidly. When thrusting with your palm a open and upward strike to the nose can disable an attacker almost instantly. Do not be afraid of imagining yourself cutting your attacker in half when performing strikes with your knees either. For instance when delivering blows to your attackers head if you can get them bent over, push their head toward your knee as you raise your knee toward their head to debilitate the attacker.
    Get Loud
    Draw as much attention to the situation as possible by creating a disturbance. Yelling "BACK OFF" or "GET BACK" as loud as possible maybe enough to make the attacker think twice. If that fails consider using other emergency situations that draw peoples attention such "FIRE" to get people coming your way that could potentially help.
    These are just a few of the most basic concepts to unarmed self defense. Things can change quickly when firearms are involved, but its good to have a solid foundation to build your defensive skills upon.

    Once you've went through the steps to get a concealed carry license in Ohio you should carry everyday there on out. One of the biggest obstacles to carrying a firearm everyday is the discomfort that can come from choosing the wrong sized firearm. Firearms are made in a variety of sizes for a reason, one of those reasons is because people come in a variety of sizes. Not to mention firearms also have different uses such as deep concealment all the way to home protection and everything in between.
    How to Choose the Right Size Firearm For Concealed Carry
    Choosing the right size firearm is 100% dependent upon the person carrying the firearm. An individual who is 6'5 and 400lbs will have a different need than a person who is 5'2 and 120lbs. Visit your local Ohio Gun Store to find various models and sizes on display and try them out.
    Handguns come in a wide selection of sizes from sub-compact to full size to meet the needs of the consumers. The smaller the weapon the easier it is to carry. But with small firearms comes certain trade offs such as caliber size, frame size, and being able to properly grip the firearm. Could you imagine a 6"5 guy with massive hands trying to utilize a firearm that's smaller than his pinky finger? At the same time sure that 1911 maybe one cool gun, but if it weighs half as much as you, is it really that practical?
    Don't Forget the Holster
    One of the biggest contributing factors to comfortably carrying a concealed weapon is the holster. A good holster can make or break the daily concealed carry experience. Luckily we have a few holster makes in our Ohio Firearm Business Directory that make some quality holsters for a variety of seasons and situations.
    A good holster should offer protection to your firearm while keeping it close and tight to your body. Most inside the waist holsters clip over the top of your belt and pants so finding a well made one that won't pull up with your gun is essential as well. Once you find a holster its recommended that you practice drawing your EMPTY firearm from the holster multiple times before carrying in public.

    We want to invite all Ohio Gun Owners to the Columbus, Ohio Sheepdog Seminar on Saturday, August 5 2017 from 8am to 5pm. Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman will be our featured speaker, with other speakers joining him as well.
    We will be covering a wide range of topics including active shooters and violence at houses of worship (over 700 people have died  a violent death at church and faith based property since 1999). In addition, thousands of sex crimes have occurred on said property. Just in the last few days, two Northwest Ohio pastors were arrested for sex crimes against children.
    Police Officers can bring 2 other officers at no additional cost (A 3 for 1 special). Early registration is just $79.00
    All info is at www.sheepdogseminars.com

    I've been browsing all over the web the past week and found some great deals on firearms for everyone. Smith and Wesson is running a $75 rebate promo for a limited time and you can get some great deals on great firearms. Not to mention a fine Glock Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit, and a DPMS Oracle AR15 for just a few hundred dollars also!
    Buy a Smith and Wesson pistol and get $75 back from the manufacturer. Just like this Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9MM 3" Barrel in single stack configuration. Gun price: $309 - $75 rebate brings the total to right around $235.
    A DPMS Oracle AR15 for $479.99 is a fine deal on a entry level AR15.
    Check out this Micro RONI Stab Glock 19 CAA NON-NFA Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit for the Glock 19,19C, 23, and 32 for just $225 Shipped.
    Don't forget to check out Ohio Guns For Sale, Buy and Trade in our very own classifieds for even better deals than these!

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