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    Since the State of Ohio began to issue concealed carry weapon permits (CCW Permits) we have been blessed with having reciprocity agreements with other starts to allow us to carry concealed. Currently Ohio has one of these best and most extensive reciprocity agreements in the country. States with an asterisk (*) next to them honor Ohio Resident Permits only (meaning you must also have a valid Ohio ID). States with a double asterisk only honor permits issued after 3/22/15, and the legendary triple asterisk denote states with permitless carry laws. Meaning if you can legally possess a firearm, you may carry it concealed in those states.
    Vermont*** Delaware New Hampshire* Pennsylvania West Virginia Virginia North Carolina South Carolina* Georgia Florida* Alabama Tennessee Kentucky Indiana Michigan* Wisconsin** Mississippi*** Minnesota Iowa Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Texas** Oklahoma Kansas*** Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota Montana Wyoming Colorado* New Mexico Arizona*** Utah Idaho Washington Nevada Alaska*** This list is up to date as of 4/17/2016 however before doing any traveling it is wise to consult the Ohio Attorney Generals website to make sure agreements are still in place. Also you will need to be aware of local laws for where you are traveling for example some places have strict magazine size rules.

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      When you travel it can be one of the most vulnerable times for you and your family. You will be in a strange place and probably will not know your surroundings well. These can lead to you ending up in "bad neighborhoods" where crime could be rampant, or your chances for victimization will greatly increase. I've recently had the pleasure of traveling with a firearm and so far every time the process has been pretty easy and straight forward. I've only traveled with Southwest Airlines but the process should be similar for other carriers.


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    • Have you ever heard of the "thumbs forward grip"?  What's the advantage?  Why use it?  TSD teaches not just HOW, but WHY we use a specific technique.  It allows for a better understanding by our students. Here's a little explanation from Tactical Skills Development.

      TSD on the thumbs forward grip

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    • I want to build a SBR and put a silencer on it. Do I need to obtain a tax stamp for both the SBR and the silencer or will one work for both?
      Also what if I want to increase my collection later, would I need to get more tax stamps for the items?
      Also, is it possible to build a full auto weapon? Or are those explicitly outlawed.
      thanks for the help
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    • Just wondering if a passenger in the motor vehicle has a CCW when the vehicle is pulled over if they have to notify the officer also?
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    • Hey everyone! As we constantly work toward making this place the best community for Ohio Gun Owners on the internet, we have some new features coming and some that are here right now. If you have ideas for new features, or think something sucks be sure to let me know, its really the only way I can make this place better is from everyone's feedback.
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